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Why EZe Products?

Your life will change upon owning an EZe Products sauna. Please browse through our website for useful facts to learn more about our product. You will see that EZe's far-infrared heaters adapt to the needs of your body and that there are many-many uses for it. Here are but a few examples of how your EZe Far-Infrared Sauna will serve you.

EZe Far-Infrared Saunas are NOT the same as Traditional Finnish Rock Saunas


  • Soothing, gentle warmth
  • Comfortable to breathe in
  • Even heat throughout your body
  • Does not heat the air, heats you directly, will not dry out the air
  • Penetrates your tissues up to 2" deep
  • Internationally Patented Technology, heaters are made in Japan
  • 100% Safe, 100% Effective
  • Pain Relief & Detoxification
  • Sweat 3 times more than a Traditional Sauna
  • Burn up to 900 Calories per 30 minute session
  • Endless health benefits

Traditional Finnish Rock Saunas produce CONVECTION HEAT

  • Extremely hot & dry
  • Traps hot air, stuffy & claustrophobic
  • Burning sensation during a session
  • Need to pour water over rocks repeatedly to put moisture back in the air
  • No true therapeutic benefits
  • Only salt and dirt from the top layer of the skin is sweated out
  • Heats only the air & surface of your skin
  • Primitive method without true scientific benefits


Warm up your body and get your blood flowing for 10-15 minutes as a precursor to stretching and exercise. This will greatly reduce your chances of muscle strains and injury during workouts. Read more

Before Sleeping

On nights when your body and/or feet are cold and blankets and socks just do not do it, step into your EZe sauna for 10-15 minutes and warm up your body. Once you feel your body is warmed up and you feel that you are about to sweat, step out and go to bed. You will be sleeping in no time.

First Symptoms

Upon the first symptoms of aching, a cold, fever and any pain. Use the sauna at the recommended session time of 30 minutes. Sweat out those viruses and toxins. Use daily until the symptoms are gone or have reduced. You will feel the difference. Read more

Deep Tissue Massage

Receive true deep tissue massages each time with the use of your EZe far-infrared sauna. Since EZe's far-infrared heat will actively penetrates your tissues, you will be able to continue your day with longer lasting relief compared to any massage bed, chair, steam room or spa. Read more

Hot Days

Use your EZe sauna during hot days. It will help your body regulate heat during dry or stuffy weather. You will continue your days easier and more actively when you take in EZe far-infrared therapy with regular use. Read more

Pre-Face Wash, Pre-Showering, or After-Rinsing

Open up your facial pores and get true facials before you wash your face. 15 minutes at warmer temperatures is all it takes. You will see and feel a difference with regular use.
A session before showering will push out toxins and daily dirt stuck in your pores from head to toe.
If heavy perspiration is what you are looking for. Try rinsing off, then having an EZe far-infrared session. You will perspire even more than you normally would since your body temperature is already raised from the warm water from your shower. Read more

Injury Repair

Use the sauna at 20-25 minutes and gradually increase session times and temperature. This will help your scars minimize and your healing to speed up. You too may very well have a great testimonial about your EZe far-infrared sauna. Read more

Stress Relief

Sit and relax as our far-infrared heat will take you to a better place... Read more

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the primary function of your EZe FAR-infrared Sauna?
To promote a healthier immune system for your body through increased oxygen with replenished blood flow throughout the body. Our product will produce true perspiration where you will benefit sessions of detoxification and pain relief for your whole body in the most comfortable setting. Essentially, EZe will help you discover better health in your life.

Will this FAR-infrared cook me up?
Of course not! FAR-infrared is the safest and most therapeutic source of heat we can utilize from nature. Naturally, you would think that heat is burning hot, but imagine that perfect day when you walk out and the warmth of the sun soothes your whole body. That is a bit of FAR-infrared from the sun.

How many cups of water should I drink for an EZe FAR-infrared Session?
Drink liquids (non-alcoholic) prior to and during your sessions as you wish. At least 1 cup.

What can I do to sweat more during a session?
If you shower or bath before your EZe FAR-infrared Session, you may sweat more; try it with and without first showering or bathing and see which way you prefer. If you wear thick articles of clothing, you may want to remove them during your EZe FAR-infrared Session. Although EZe FAR-infrared heat rays will penetrate through regular clothing, the rays will bounce off of plastic type materials. Therefore, in order to not repel the rays, it may be suitable to wear the least amount of clothing as possible, or enter the unit completely nude when privately using.

What have you found to be Contra-Indications for use?
Please click this link: contra-indications for detailed medical literature. People with artificial joints, rods and other surgical implants such as artificial hearts and breast implants will not be affected. EZe FAR-infrared rays will bounce off all artificial objects, so it will not heat them up. People who have had any type of surgery should wait 72 hours after the event before using the EZe FAR-infrared sauna.

I am very tall and your units are not large enough for me to sit in. Do I have any options?
Our mid to larger sized rectangular models such as the J5, J6 and J7 units are 44 inches in depth and the larger sized corner models such as the JP3 and JP4 units also will provide ample spacing to comfortably sit in.

Okay, but as I have mentioned before, I am very tall and I would also like to stretch out my legs a bit while sitting in the units. There are options right?
We can offer you the TwinStar Model that has two rows of seating facing each other. However, if you decide to go with that model, you can remove one side of the bench so that you can stretch your legs during a session. This is probably the best option in terms of leg space.

Are custom models available?
Yes, if you need a taller unit or a unit to fit into a certain opening or space, we are able to manufacture it according to your specifications. Please contact us to send us your dimensions, we will work to satisfy your order.

What has been your experience been before result occur?
Results always vary because no two patients are exactly alike. However, when a person begins EZe FAR-infrared therapy, they should be willing do sessions for 3-6 months before the healing of chronic ailments can be noticed. Nonetheless, most of our customers have reported to us that their healing time from injuries were 3-5 times faster than what their doctors estimated.

How has EZe FAR-infrared saunas been successfully used?
Some of our testimonials state the benefits our customers have received. But more personal testimonials sent to us continually show us that our customers believe in the product as much as we do once they began therapy sessions in the EZe saunas. Many professional practitioners are adopting the use of EZe saunas for treatments for their patients.

How do you determine when your product is working?
When you feel better.
Your skin will also look better and have softer texture.

How do your customers react to other brands?
Anyone who has tried our product knows that the value of EZe FAR-infrared therapy is unmatched.

What do your competitors do about your presence in the market?
Two extremes, they leave us out of comparisons on their marketing materials to try and ‘eliminate’ our presence, or they will only compare us to their products as if they are on our level. To us, people seeking true Far-infrared therapy will get it through EZe.

Need Assistance?

Call us, and we will be glad to assist you.
Toll Free: 918-622-5455

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