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Muscle & Fitness Magazine
Muscle & Fitness "Joe Weider uses The Infrared Sauna in his home to reap the benefits of burning calories.
He has had this durable Infrared Sauna for 5 years, and has had to do no repairs."
Muscle & Fitness Magazine.
October 1993

Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games
Atlanta Committee for Olympic Games "Infrared sauna equipment met the Olympic challenges and aided in the world class performances of the Olympic athletes. Congratulations and thank you for your cooperation, support and most importantly, for being a key member of our sports team."
Dave Maggard
Managing Director of Sports
Atlanta, Georgia. August 1996

Canada Olympic Park
Calgary, Alberta.  1988 Olympic Games "Just a short note to let you know that we are thoroughly pleased with our Infrared Sauna. ....Its compact size, low maintenance and minimal electrical consumption will save us substantially over the years. The Infrared Sauna is an important addition to our facility."
Brian Armour
Technical Coordinator
Calgary, Alberta. October 1988

Cincinnati Reds
Cincinatti Reds After using the Infrared Sauna in our clubhouse for just a few short weeks, I am already convinced of its therapeutic uses. It was used by our players both as a warm-up and a warm-down to their daily baseball activities in spring training. In addition, I used in as an adjunct therapy to the other modalities in my training room.
Our players found the Infrared Sauna was an excellent tool for relaxing while not causing the "draining" effect that is found in conventional saunas. In addition, the ability to achieve an increase level in their cardio-vascular fitness, makes this unit even more attractive.
There is no question in my mind that the Infrared Sauna will change the thinking of how saunas can be used in the athletic environment. Its innovative qualities of stress reduction, weight loss, and cardiovascular fitness in an effective but easy way are features nor found in any other product to my knowledge.
If I can be of any help in getting the word out on this fine product, please do not hesitate to get me a call.
Larry M. Starr, M.Ed., L.A.T.,C.
Head Athletic Trainer

Hey Jerry & Dan!
Just a short note of thanks.I am really enjoying my Infrared Sanua. I didn't know a good sweat could make me feel so good! I spent 20 min. in the sauna each and every morning.
What I have noticed is that the heat cuts down on the colds and upper respritiory illnesses and if you are getting a cold inspite of it, the suana will shorten the suffering of a cold or flu and gets you up and going again pronto! This is truely an investment in yourself and your health.
Thanks guys,
Ron Hollinghead
Claremore, Ok. 2/2/2001

Dear Jerry,
Pursuant to our recent phone conversation, I would like to report my complete satisfaction with my Infrared Sauna.
When the system was purchased last summer, I was very skeptical but the reported health benefits convinced me to try this revolutionary system. Since then, I have used the system on almost a daily basis, and I could not be happier with the results. When using the system, I begin to perspire heavily and freely in a short period of time, while the sauna is considerably cooler than conventional sauna. This is important to me because I must avoid the high stress of conventional heat sauna, yet I need the benefits of cleansing with a sauna. The Infrared Sauna has been the perfect solution. Jerry, I was skeptical at first, but now I can fully endorse the benefits of the Infrared Sauna. In addition, the construction of my Infrared Sauna is of the highest quality and has been quite reliable.
David F. Sears
Oklahoma City, OK.

Western Black Belt Association
Dear Mr. Vick:
Being a 7th Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do (Korean Style). And active In the sport for over 25 years, I became interested in heat training for flexibility through Bruce Lee. I met him at a Karate Championship years ago. Bruce Lee believed that heat would allow the muscles more flexibility. Martial Artists spend a lot of time stretching, and stretching a too-cold muscle can lead to a painful muscle tear. Previously, I could never test Lee's theory because 5 minutes in a hot air sauna was torture. I'm delighted that the Infrared Sauna at 100 degrees cooler than a hot air sauna, makes me perspire 3 times as much, and is so comfortable, I could stay inside for hours. Using Bruce's heat training' theory, my stretch has now Increased 10%, It's a fact that the ice cubes in my drink don't even melt, and I can wear my gold watch without it getting hot. Amazing!
The Infrared Sauna also helps me warm up faster. After winning or placing in 198 Tournaments, I'm very aware of how my body feels. Sometimes, before work-outs, my Joints are sluggish and painful. After sitting in a Infrared Sauna for a few minutes, the pain disappears. It's no surprise to me that over 700,000,000 such units have already been sold in the Orient. I believe that with all of its "health benefits" that the Infrared Sauna will be the new training device of the 1990s. Anyone interested in good health and weight control can benefit from owning one. And after owing one for a week, you wonder how you ever did without it.
My Father-In-Law also greatly benefits from the Infrared Sauna before a round of golf his old football injury is unnoticeable. It also relaxes him to sleep, no need for sleeping aids.
Again, thank you Jerry for steering me in the right direction. I was foolish to think buying $5.00 infra- red lights would do the same thing. They only heat French tries.
Jim Martin, 7th Dan President, Western Black Belt Association

Karen Boone
I am very pleased with the progress patients are making with the combined use of acupuncture and the Far Infrared Sauna. The radiant heat increases the circulation of blood and vital energy, both important to optimal well-being. The sauna aids the release of muscle spasms, helps relieve pain and stiffness, and promotes detoxificaiton of body tissues through perspiration. Perhaps most importantly, the sauna helps eliminate the stress and tension which interfere with excellent health.
Karen Boone, (Certified Acupuncturist)
Diplomate in Acupuncture, NCCA

Dear Jerry,
Some time ago you asked me to let you know how the Infrared Sauna we purchased from you worked out for us here in our Fitness Center. Well, I'm happy to report that after three years of constant commercial service the unit has been trouble-free with any need of maintenance.
I have been involved in several fitness centers during recent years wherein we had saunas with the conventional type heaters, and I must say that our clients here at Supergym have been very happy with the FAR Infrared Sauna, we we are also very happy with the lower operating cost.
It has been a pleasure dealing with you and in the event of future expansion or new projects I will be calling on you again!
Wayne Davis, President

University of California, Davis I have now owned and used your far infrared sauna for six months. I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to purchase this fabulous device.
As you may recall, I first encountered your product at a spa in Calgary, Alberta in the Fall of 1993. I was traveling by motor home and had been on the road for two weeks. After one exposure to your sauna, about a week later, I realized how invigorated and somatically relaxed I was. I had previously experienced everything from Jacuzzi to steam baths to ordinary saunas. This was different and made scientific sense. I vowed that if I could I would purchase one.
When I did make the purchase in January 1995, I was apprehensive. Was my one exposure to far infrared really valid or was it a placebo effect? Now I can tell you that regular infrared saunas have eliminated somatic anxiety from my busy clinical life working in the operating room of a major medical center. We have known for years that chronic muscular tension is unconscious, cannot be willed away, and requires long term body work to touch the surface of its everyday effects on our lives. Since using your infrared sauna, I have had virtually no chronic muscular tension. If I feel tense I take an infrared sauna and am focused and centered again. Thank you for your product!
Henry L. Bennett, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Clinical Anesthesiology

Dear Jerry:
University of Oregon It was good seeing you in Chicago at the show and having the opportunity to see your new product line. As I indicated in our conversation, we are still using our unit regularly and enjoying it more than ever.
The more I use the unit the more I enjoy it and appreciate the benefits. In addition to normal use I have found it especially, soothing and relaxing after a day of hard physical work around the house and yard. Also, on several occasions during the past year I have had some minor muscle injuries as a result of overextending myself during my regular weight training workouts. The radiant heat sauna has sure been useful and helpful under those circumstances.
All in all we continue to enjoy the product and are thinking of getting another unit for our cottage at the coast. Again it was good to see you in Chicago. Hope business continues to go well.
Barry T. Bates, Ph.D.

Travelodge of Neptune
Dear Jerry,
Travelodge of Neptune We recently purchased an Infrared Sauna from you, for our Physical Fitness Room here at the Travelodge of Neptune. The majority of our guests are corporate and military personnel. With the awareness of fitness, our guests find the fitness room a must during their stay with us. With the addition of the Infrared Sauna, it completes a good work-out. We have received only positive comments from our guests.
Thank you.
Yours truly,
Joanne Tartza (Manager)

American Body Building Coordinating Committee
Dear Jerry,
American Body Building Coordinating Committee I became interested in your Infrared Sauna from Irish, our State Chairperson. Her interest sparked my curiosity, and I spent many hours doing research to doctors, acupuncturists, sports trainers, and physical therapists throughout the country.
I have been training natural drug-free athletes for over 35 years, and had once used Infrared lamps, however, they only heat the surface of the skin. I'm very excited that the Infrared Sauna Is able to penetrate 1-1/2" Into the body. It's this deep. Sub-muscular penetration that makes the Infrared Sauna so indispensable. Before, It was a dream of mine that some one would Invent a Thigh tech" device such as this, but I didn't think It would happen in my lifetime. The future is here. Now.
Body Building Training is unique: they have to do three things successfully to win; weight train effectively; acquire a deep tan, and lose excess fat. Your Infrared Sauna is truly a gift to athletes because in sitting in it for Just 20 minutes, they will get a cardiovascular work out, causing them to melt up to 600 calories of fat Also, I discovered that Infrared Saunas are used In Burn Centers" and is the only remedy of a sunburn...this alone is Incredible! On days when they miss a workout, Just sitting in a Infrared Sauna win keep up their cardiovascular fitness level, Personally, If I had used your Infrared Sauna 35 years ago, I would now be walking taller, standing straighter, and would be thinner, I would also have saved thousands of dollars in visits to health professionals, Anyone who suffers from the pain of Arthritis, Rheumatism, Gout, or Shoulder & Joint Pain should own a Infrared Sauna., .because after sitting in a Infrared Sauna, they feel more relaxed, less stiff, and are rid of pain for hours.
I calculated that your Infrared Sauna could save athletes at least 4 hours a week in warm up time. It can also save athletes a lot of money in visits to health professionals, and I-n buying prescription and over the counter painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs. I believe prevention" is more healthy than trying for correction" of injuries.
I'm so excited about the Infrared Sauna, that I'm featuring it In my Before & After" column In NATURAL PHYSIQUE MAGAZINE, and in my quarterly Athletic Newspaper. documenting results In my 'Before and After" Column. As an Athletic Trainer and National Chairperson of the American Body Building Coordinating Committee. I have a responsibility to share the Infrared Sauna with athletes all over the world.
Respectfully yours,
Jack O'Bleness
National Chairperson

Shearman Chiropractic Pain Relief Clinic
To whom it may concern:
This short letter is to let people know about the FAR Infrared Saunas I've recently purchased for use in my chiropractic office.
The first thing I noticed was that the saunas are like a piece of furniture. The tongue-in-groove cedar, which the saunas are made of, makes my treatment area look more professional and that wonderful cedar smell freshens up the air like only cedar can.
The health benefits from these saunas are numerous. Many of these benefits come from the increased body core temperature that occurs with the 100 degrees to 120 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures that exist in the warmed up sauna. Patients get an increased circulatory response from the dry heat, which opens their pores and makes them sweat profusely which helps to cleanse the skin deeply. Arthritis patients are going to love what the dry heat is going to do for their achy joints and muscles. Arthritics won't have to go south for the winter. One or two, twenty to thirty minute treatments in the sauna per day will give an arthritis pain sufferer considerable relief from their miseries. People with circulatory problems such as swollen hands, feet and legs will also benefit because the infrared heat dilates the peripheral blood vessels and forces new blood into an area and old blood out.
These are just a few of the uses that my patients benefit from with regular use of the saunas. The saunas really work and look great and they're a wonderful addition to my therapy department.
Thomas C. Shearman D.C.

Rosarito Beach Clinic
To whom it may Concern,
Just a short letter to let you. know that we are very happy with our Infrared Sauna that's in use here in our clinic in Mexico.
We have found in our blood analysis during a patients stay in the clinic, that the cleansing of lymphatic is definitely enhanced by using the Infrared Sauna in our program. You have a great product and we are glad you made it available to us. Keep up the good work.

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