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The Rainbow

The original of its kind. The Rainbow is a personal far-infrared therapy dome that is lightweight and portable. You can experience the best-of-the-best far-infrared as 1 EZe Micro-Carbon Fiber Flat panel is built into the unit. Touch the panel surface inside. You will be amazed how even its maximum temperature setting of 195F, it is so gentle and you will never worry about being burned!

Rainbow Far Infrared Dome

Far Infrared Dome

Lay underneath the EZe Daiugin Rainbow and half two sessions a day. On for the upper half of your body and the other for the lower half of your body. Each session is 30 minutes.

Place the specific area of pain under The Rainbow for isolated far-infrared therapy session.

Far Infrared Dome

Far Infrared Dome

Sit upright and rest your arms on the unit or lay on your stomach to treat the backside of your body. The Rainbow can be placed over your shoulders & arms, back, hip regions, legs and feet.

Far Infrared Dome

Sit upright or lay on your back for sessions to the frontal regions of your feet, legs, hips, stomach, chest, arms & face.

Far Infrared Dome

The Rainbow Control Description:

Rainbow Controls

EZe to use controls allows on/off switch and standby button.The temperature knob is variable by 15 degrees, the right-most turn of the knob sets the temperature at 195ºF. You can turn up & down the temperature to your desires and needs. Time button allows session time for 30 minutes, 1, 2, 4 hours and a continuous mode. These five modes are sufficient for different uses of the Daiugin (Dye-U-Gin) Rainbow.

At 30 Minute & 1 hour sessions: Use with the arrow pointing at least half way between minimum and maximum temperature. this will give you enough warmth for active far-infrared therapy.


The Rainbow


22" inside width (24" outside width)
12" inside height (13" outside height)


110 Volt / 15 Amp
*Standard US outlet
**approximately 1 cent to operate per hour at max. temp. of 195F

MSRP: Call for quote

Need Assistance?

Call us, and we will be glad to assist you.
Toll Free: 918-622-5455

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