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Blood Circulation & Pressure

Improve your blood circulation throughout your body for improved health and healthier heart using EZe far-infrared therapy. Oxygen-rich blood is the key factor to a healthy and happy body and is the solution for repairing itself.

With EZe far-infrared therapy and healthier blood circulation, your body's temperature will feel more balanced throughout the day and will not be as effected by external factors because the immune system is raised and oxygen is richly flowing throughout your body.

Restore balance to your health and blood pressure rate as EZe's soft and deep penetrating far-infrared will actively work to raise the blood pressure for those currently with low blood pressure; while lowering blood pressure for those currently with high blood pressure. EZe far-infrared at 4.1 to 16.3 microns allows effective and safe therapy, coming closest to the most regenerative portion of the natural sunlight needed for rejuvenation and restoration.

*If you have been operated on, please advise by using EZe far-infrared therapy 72 hours after the event so that the initial swelling goes down.
*Each individual is unique, so the recovery time and results may vary.
*If you are diagnosed with a serious illness, please consult with your doctor, prior to using EZe far-infrared therapy.

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