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The Only Far-Infrared Brand for True Results

Since founding the industry in 1983, many companies have spawned off our trade and product designs over the past decades, and quite frankly, they are not doing a good job. The only thing other companies have mastered is the ability to claim benefits from EZe Products as their own, and market their products under the umbrella of EZe’s cutting-edge technology. Fancy names for heaters and gaudy designs have changed the industry from what was once a sincere approach to upgrade the lives and healths of people. We now witness over 30 so-called infrared sauna brands available; creating little entertainment rooms where you could possibly do everything else like watch TV, a DVD and listen to your car stereo system, all of those things except true far-infrared therapy.

The consumer can easily see EZe Products’ prestige during Home Shows nationwide throughout the seasons. The first thing they see is truly skilled craftsmanship from the quality of the selection of wood, its patterns and its uniformity. The second thing they see is that each cut is so precise that each part and every corner was created with care. The third thing they will feel just after sitting in an EZe unit for 5 minutes, a consumer seeking true far-infrared therapy realizes EZe’s far-infrared is soft and so pleasant. As even people with claustrophobia admit that it is comfortable and relaxing to breathe inside; exactly opposite of what they were used to from a traditional sauna and beyond the infrared of the other companies there.

We always encourage potential customers interested in purchasing a unit to go see the other companies’ saunas, so they can experience the difference and know for themselves why EZe Products is the best for them. Even with the gimmicky marketing from these other companies, the customers always return to our booth.

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Micro-Carbon Fiber Far Infrared Emitter
Hand-Craftsmanship to Perfection

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Call us, and we will be glad to assist you.
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