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Internationally Patented Technology: All you copycats out there!

Industry Leadership

Companies now offer "carbon heaters" they claim are tested in Japan. Testing alone is not the same as researching, developing, and manufacturing them in Japan. Since the first appearance of our internationally patented Micro-Carbon Fiber Flat Heaters in our product line-up beginning 2002, companies felt compelled to make their own. Since gimmicks are well-crafted tricks for the sale, claiming brilliant results for an actually mediocre product. The fact makes it all simple, their heaters are made in China and Taiwan; cutting-edge technology does not result from those factories.

Far-Infrared Comparison

Unlike companies producing infrared heaters sometimes claiming "independent studies from Japan" for their heaters; other companies, nonetheless, mass produce their heaters from China and Taiwan. Unfortunately, to cut costs and manufacture infrared heaters with no real laboratory, they produce merely infrared with a little bit of far-infrared for incubators that can be found in hospitals for newborns. This heat is nonetheless infrared, so it may be safe. However, without emitting true far-infrared at the range of the Vital Rays, you the consumer, will not be able to experience the true benefits needed to revitalize their health through detoxification.

EZe Products Research and Development Lab is in Japan and the heaters are produced from our exclusive partnering scientists and researchers from there. No other company has proof of real lab results with empirical data to prove their findings and their abilities. EZe Products presents to you, the best far-infrared therapy available globally. You too will understand why EZe Products far-infrared therapy is unlike any other through experience, and how effective it is for your body. Read more.

True Test Results

Companies can "claim" results and possibly persuade customers into thinking their products actually work. It is unfortunate how other companies find it ethical to use information from EZe Products as their own and TradeMark special names to make their claims seem valid.

This is a report of EZe's exclusive far-infrared emitters compared to the numerous testing we have performed from the other companies that have spawned off of our trade.

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Call us, and we will be glad to assist you.
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