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The Only Sauna You Will Ever Need

Owning an EZe far-infrared system is not a huge commitment on your part, but our units will be 100% committed to you anytime you want. Whether you are using it on a daily basis or a few times a week, you will feel and see results. Your EZe Products far-infrared sauna can be the answer to many areas of your health. You will definitely sweat out & eliminate toxins, soothe aches & pains that you would not otherwise be able to, loosen joint stiffness & decrease arthritis. In addition, your EZe far-infrared sessions will also promote a faster recovery time for both external and internal bodily injuries when they occur. Using your EZe Products unit for at least 3 sessions a week (at an average of 30 minutes) will benefit you with full body therapy. But also, please do not forget to:


Drink many fluids throughout your day.
Eat balanced meals.
Eat fruits and vegetables.
Take natural dietary supplements if needed.
Exercise regularly.
Get good rest.

If these activities can be fulfilled on a daily/weekly basis, you will appreciate your EZe Sauna unit more. Drink fluids during and throughout sauna sessions as needed; but most importantly, you will enjoy the extreme relaxation and tranquility each session will provide you. Your EZe unit is here to complete the healthy lifestyle you deserve.

EZe Far-Infrared Therapy is widely used for:

Chronic Pain & Muscle SpasmsAcne & Skin Tone
Vericose & Spider veinsArthritis & Musculoskeletal
Cellulite & WeightBlood Circulation & Pressure
Injury & ScarsDetoxification & Viruses
Precursor to ExerciseIndigestion
Relaxation & Meditation Choose Symptoms Alphabetically

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Need Assistance?

Call us, and we will be glad to assist you.
Toll Free: 918-622-5455

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