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EZe's Heating Elements: For True Results

EZe Products' Research and Development Lab in Japan have mastered the heating emitters for true far-infrared. And as a result of our dedicated and talented effort, a 100% efficient and effective heating elements are produced. EZe Products' distinct technology is internationally patented and cannot be reverse engineered to be copied because no other company has the resources of scientists and equipment to recreate this masterpiece. You will experience the true effectiveness of our dual combination of EZe's Micro-Carbon Fiber Flat Heaters, along with EZe's classic Sand-Filled Ceramic Heaters, the minute you sit inside your EZe far-infrared sauna. So refreshing!

EZe's Micro Carbon Fiber Flat Heaters

This is it, the pinnacle heating element globally. EZe's Internationally Patented, Micro-Carbon Fiber Flat Heaters, produce the largest surface heating area at over 621 cubic square inches of the softest, deepest penetrating far-infrared radiant heat. It is the most direct emitter that heats up to maximum temperature in just 2 minutes. They are the thinnest (1mm), largest, safest and longest lasting. Specifically designed to emit a full steady range of 4.1 to 16.3 microns, no other imitation can produce the real results of this product.

Finely grated Micro-Carbon Fibers emit the most even and direct FAR-infrared with heat as soft as a baby's breath. There is no grid of wires running through these heaters like other copycat products. The technology is phenomenal, true far-infrared heat is produced without a burning core for your comfort and its effectiveness with highest efficiency. And in the event that you touch the heater at maximum temperature, EZe's Micro-Carbon Fiber Flat heaters will not singe your skin, due to its high technology development and design.

Once you have tried these heaters, you have experienced the peak of far-infrared performance. Lab testing reports that the Micro-Carbon Fiber Flat Heaters will last up to 500,000 sessions; that is over 1000 years! This is true advanced patented technology with real tests and real results. Our Research and Development Lab is in Japan and our heaters are manufactured there with the highest technology available for far-infrared. This is true cutting-edge technology for the millennium.

 A close up view of the Micro-Carbon Fibers. Notice that there are no wires running through the Heater to produce the heat, you will be receiving the purest far-infrared. The steady range of 4.1 to 16.3 microns is the healthiest and most regenerative portion of far-infrared for your body. These "Vital Rays" will truly benefit your health because EZe's heaters will really produce this range of far-infrared. You will benefit from its softest, yet deepest penetrating far-infrared. There is no spiciness to your eyes, unlike many other infrared brands. EZe's far-infrared heating emitters are carefully placed for full body therapy and detoxification. The body can only absorb efficient amounts of true far-infrared for therapy and cell rejuvenation. You will notice that all of EZe's Models contain Micro-Carbon Fiber Flat back heaters, frontal Sand-Filled Ceramic heaters and an Open Bench Heater for the lower rear portion of the body. Your body will indulge the true far-infrared heat.

EZe's Classic Sand-Filled Ceramic Heaters

This is our classic and very special Sand-Filled Ceramic Heaters. EZe Products have incorporated their use exclusively since founding the industry in 1983. The design and development of these far-infrared emitters produce excellent heat for the bench and front heaters. Do not be fooled by its slender size. The heater itself utilizes a thin ceramic tube that is filled with sand. Unlike "heater rods" and "ceramic coils", these produce a steady range of 4.1 to 16.3 microns of true far-infrared. The unique feature is that the sand, filling the center of the rod, keeps it from producing excessive heat with a burning hot core. Its casing was also developed to reflect the round tube's far-infrared to spread the radiant heat before being absorbed by the body. The far-infrared achieved by these heaters are phenomenal as well. Just 10 inches away from the body, it will spread its far-infrared over 6 times wider than the size of its casing. The 35 degree angles of the aluminum casing creates this reflection and your body will reap its benefits from this far-infrared emitter.

A closer view of the Sand-Filled Ceramic Heater and its aluminum casing. Notice the reflection of the Sand-Filled Ceramic Heater from its casing. When your EZe far-infrared therapy session is in progress, you will receive its deep penetrating, soft far-infrared heat continuously at the true Vital Rays range of 4.1 to 16.3 microns. And unlike metal rods, ceramic covered metal rods, to ceramic coils, this will produce true far-infrared heat rather than near-infrared and medium-infrared. You will be amazed at the effectiveness of the dual combination of EZe's Micro-Carbon Fiber Heaters in conjunction with EZe's Sand-Filled Ceramic Heaters. You will detoxify, speed up recovery and restore balance to the areas that your body needs.

EZe's dual combination of Micro-Carbon Fiber Flat Heaters and Ceramic Sand-Filled Heaters are the only heaters available globally that will give you the most therapeutic benefits. At 4.1 to 16.3 microns of far-infrared, not only will you continuously receive the softest and gentle treatment, but it will have lasting effects. The more you use your EZe Far-Infrared Saund System, you will heal sooner, your immune system will be heightened, and temporary pain relief will become long term.

Far-Infrared Comparison

Unlike companies producing infrared heaters sometimes claiming "independent studies from Japan" for their heaters; other companies, nonetheless, mass produce their heaters from China and Taiwan. Unfortunately, to cut costs and manufacture infrared heaters with no real laboratory, they produce merely infrared with a little bit of far-infrared for incubators that can be found in hospitals for newborns. This heat is nonetheless infrared, so it may be safe. However, without emitting true far-infrared at the range of the Vital Rays, you the consumer, will not be able to experience the true benefits needed to revitalize their health through detoxification.

EZe Products Research and Development Lab is in Japan and the heaters are produced from our exclusive partnering scientists and researchers from there. No other company has proof of real lab results with empirical data to prove their findings and their abilities. EZe Products presents to you, the best far-infrared therapy available globally. You too will understand why EZe Products far-infrared therapy is unlike any other through experience, and how effective it is for your body. Read more.

True Test Results

Companies can "claim" results and possibly persuade customers into thinking their products actually work. It is unfortunate how other companies find it ethical to use information from EZe Products as their own and TradeMark special names to make their claims seem valid

This is a report of EZe's exclusive far-infrared emitters compared to the numerous testing we have performed from the other companies that have spawned off our trade.

EZe's Efficiency for Electricity

EZe far-infrared is proven to heat up to its set temperature in 2 minutes to produce its full range of 4.1 to 16.3 microns. This efficiency from EZe's Micro-Carbon Fiber Flat Heaters and Ceramic-Sand Filled Heaters will save you time from waiting very long before your session. And because of its Internationally Patented design, it will range from 5 cents for our smaller sauna models to 18 cents for our largest model to operate at EZe far-infrared sauna's maximum temperature setting of 160F for a full session of 30 minutes. No other brand has the technology for efficiency and effectiveness like EZe Products.

Even if more than one person was to use the EZe Far-Infrared Sauna at separate sessions per day, you will not even notice your electric bill rising. EZe's Researchers and Scientists have made sure to create the cutting-edge far-infrared emitters of the millennium.

The perfect number of heaters are included inside whichever EZe Model you choose from. EZe Products finds no need to overdo something, when it is perfect.

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