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The EZe Experience: Exclusive Features

EZe All-Digital Controls
Dual EZe All-Digital Controls are standard in all EZe Far-Infrared Sauna models. They are easy to operate and are programmable. More importantly, they are the most reliable far-infrared sauna controls available globally. Features include digital clock, session timer set, temperature set, and light on/off. You can manually turn on and off the light and also manually change the temperature up and down during sessions. Once the session time and temperature has been set, just sit and relax and the EZe All-Digital Controls will take care of the rest. When the session is over, it will indicate to you that your therapy for the day is over, and the system light will shut off. You never have to worry about leaving your home wondering if you left the sauna on, or if you have been in it for too long.

EZe's Finest Design
EZe Products makes a statement to ensure their customers a timeless work-of-art. EZe Products is the only company in the world to have a boasting line of 10 models to choose from, not including the number of custom models we have provided for special requests. The skin-like feeling and gliding softness of your sauna is to assure you its creation was done with care. Coated and polished thirty times over on the outer surfaces for that everlasting touch. All EZe Far-Infrared Saunas are EZe to Assemble and will take you around 15 to 20 minutes to set them up. Each unit is assembled by panels, so you can move it from one location to another as you as please.

True Craftsmanship
It is clearly evident by every cut and corner, both inside and out; EZe Products produces perfection. Each model is flawlessly hand-crafted and inspected before leaving our development centers. You will own a masterpiece work-of-art that everyone seeing it will appreciate each and every time.

Bold Patterns
Like a thumbprint, each handcrafted EZe Far-Infrared Sauna uses hand picked, Grade-A Clear Grain Western Cedar, running from wall to wall. This distinction of uniformity sets EZe Products apart from the rest. Your EZe Far-Infrared Sauna will also become added luxury as fine furniture for your home or business.

Internationally Patented Technology
Relax, detoxify and rejuvenate with the softest and most gentle radiant far-infrared the world has to offer. EZe's dual combination of Internationally Patented Micro-Carbon Fiber Heaters and Ceramic Sand-Filled Heaters are not only proven to give you a continuously steady range of Vital Rays at 4.1 to 16.3 microns, but they are so efficient that they will heat up to your desired set temperature in a record breaking-2 minutes. EZe Products surpasses any other company with this technology and effectiveness for far-infrared therapy. Receive full body therapy with the EZe Open Bench System; there is truly nothing else like it.

Listen to Your Favorite Tunes
Dual speakers are standard on all models for your listening pleasure. Just hook up left and right speaker wires from your home receiver and let your mind relax and take you to another place. You will wish the full session of 30 minutes was longer while you are sitting in an EZe Far-Infrared Sauna.
***EZe Products refuses to turn our product line of far-infrared therapy systems into a modern car by adding a "car receiver" and "car LCD TV/DVD players". We would have manufactured automobiles if that was our cause.

EZe Far-Infrared Therapy is widely used for:

Chronic Pain & Muscle SpasmsAcne & Skin Tone
Varicose & Spider veinsArthritis & Musculoskeletal
Cellulite & WeightBlood Circulation & Pressure
Injury & ScarsDetoxification & Viruses
Precursor to ExerciseIndigestion
Relaxation & Meditation Choose Symptoms Alphabetically

The J-Series
The JP-Series
EZe's Heating Elements: For True Results
The EZe Open Bench System: Full Body Therapy
EZe's Safety & Effectiveness for Therapy
International Patents: Industry Leadership
Grade-A Clear Grain Western Cedar
EZe to Assemble

Need Assistance?

Call us, and we will be glad to assist you.
Toll Free: 918-622-5455

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