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Hand-Craftsmanship to Perfection

See its perfection and you will understand the commitment and effort EZe Products maintains when creating the best far-infrared saunas in the world. The first process begins with EZe Products carefully hand picking the most beautiful patterns to be used for each EZe far-infrared saunas. Grade-A Clear Grain Western Cedar is used flawlessly inside and out for all of the models. Your EZe far-infrared sauna will look bold and smell pleasant as long as you own it. Each EZe far-infrared sauna is hand-crafted with the greatest care and precision. Each EZe far-infrared sauna will have its own distinct pattern and shade of color.

We will continue to hand-craft each unit at EZe's development centers, in the United States and South Korea. We ensure the highest quality and reliability to consumers looking to own the best far-infrared sauna available globally. And despite rising costs of operating the company in first world countries, we refuse to cut costs by making "factories in China and Taiwan" and sacrifice the value of our products. Most companies will "claim" to make their infrared saunas in the United States, not to say quality products always result from the Made in USA mark. However, 99.9% of the industry mass produce their units by outsourcing to China and Taiwan, labeling different brands on them. They will lie to you until you find out the truth, or until your unit arrives at the door. You may then read the "made in somewhere else" sign, or simply realize, their marketing efforts did not include the real facts before they sold that unit to you. Mass produced units never have the chance of meeting the standards of quality, stability, and finish compared to EZe Products.

EZe Products will never accept offers to build and outsource any part of our product outside of our company grounds. Our craftsmen are the finest in the field, therefore, EZe Products has gained a reputation of being thought to be able to make anything with this skill.

The moment you see an EZe far-infrared sauna, the first thing that will come to mind is highest quality craftsmanship. Each unit is beautiful.

Notice each and every cut and fit of the intricate angles on the units. Every portion, inside and out is guaranteed to be perfect. EZe's standard is so high that all of our units are hand-crafted down to the 1mm measurement. You will see the stability of the units and feel the strength of its quality.

From the moldings to each panel, the precision techniques used to create each EZe far-infrared sauna cannot be matched. The combination of the finest craftsmanship along with the highest far-infrared technology results in the best far-infrared sauna brand in the world. EZe Products not only guarantees it, but you too will experience it for the rest of your life.

You will see its beauty and feel its therapy.

Need Assistance?

Call us, and we will be glad to assist you.
Toll Free: 918-622-5455

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