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Unlike companies producing infrared heaters sometimes claiming "independent studies from Japan" for their heaters; other companies, nonetheless, mass produce their heaters from China and Taiwan. Unfortunately, to cut costs and manufacture infrared heaters with no real laboratory, they produce merely infrared with a little bit of far-infrared for incubators that can be found in hospitals for newborns. This heat is nonetheless infrared, so it may be safe. However, without emitting true far-infrared at the range of the Vital Rays, you the consumer, will not be able to experience the true benefits needed to revitalize their health through detoxification.

EZe Products Research and Development Lab is in Japan and the heaters are produced from our exclusive partnering scientists and researchers from there. No other company has proof of real lab results with empirical data to prove their findings and their abilities. EZe Products presents to you, the best far-infrared therapy available globally. You too will understand why EZe Products far-infrared therapy is unlike any other through experience, and how effective it is for your body.

Heaters are scaled to size

The EZe Micro-Carbon Fiber Flat Heaters are Internationally Patented and cannot be reverse engineered by other companies. In this close-up view of the Micro-Carbon Fiber Flat Heaters, you can see the actual fibers of carbon and there are no wires at all. You will be receiving the most efficient and pure far-infrared heat at the Vital Rays of 4.1 to 16.3 microns continuously throughout your sessions. The technology is beyond any other "infrared" manufacturer in the world and will remain so, due to its International Patent status and its complexity of design.

Worth the mention. The Winner for the Imitation goes to a company that has been performing many "acts" for consumers. For some reason, their previous heaters have disappeared from their products. This former heater had its name trademarked for added value; and upon this, was self-proclaimed by that company to be the largest, best and most superior technology in the world. So why did they do away with such a good far-infrared emitter that allowed users to receive the best far-infrared microns for the body? It made us wonder as well; well, not really.

Pictured to the left. This older "supposed best" heater was made of steel rods and wires that ran through to emit the heat, and ceramic covers to "soften the heat". Nonetheless, it was claimed. to be pure far-infrared from pure ceramic. The key word here was "claimed". Their previous manufacturer still use these heaters.

However, they now use a new heater that is also self-proclaimed to be the best; also trademarked for "added value". The image pictured below show how their heaters now look. This new "best" far-infrared heater claims to be the largest and highest in technology. It claims independent test results from Japan, when in reality, anyone could supposedly "independently test" something anywhere. This tricks the consumer into thinking their heaters were somehow developed in Japan as well. The marketing persuades the consumers with claims of "black carbon" and making up terms like "perfect black body". And because these Made in Taiwan heaters, inside their Made in China saunas, really do not have the technology of providing the Vital Rays of far-infrared. They also make-up specific claims that the human body operate at a specific micron number. Wow.

A rare look at a close-up of the heater. Once the consumer is duped into purchasing the "best", they can look closely at their heaters and see all of the wires running throughout the heaters like a grid. The wires produce the heat, not any real "carbon" from high technology. But until you look closely, everything seems true from far away. In addition, to make their efforts stronger, they overload each unit with heaters with the claim that "more is better". However, this is truly to cover-up their main reason; the inability for real technology that will therapeutically benefit people. Just trying to make the sales. For your information, you will notice other companies using the same cheap heaters for duplicate "dome" products with different brand names.

EZe's Sand-Filled Ceramic Heaters are used for the fronts and EZe's Open-Bench System. They produce exceptionally soft and effective far-infrared due to its sand-filled center. This allows the heat to be more gentle without producing a burning core. Its reflective casing functions with the heater to give a wider spread of far-infrared before being absorbed by your body.

Beware! There are two imitations produced in the market. They may look similar from afar, however, they are both solid and do not have sand-filled centers to produce the Vital Rays of 4.1 to 16.3 microns. The first is a solid ceramic that emits far-infrared, but the problem with these are the warm up time and the hotness of the heat due to a solid core of one material. These can produce up to 6 microns. The second is a solid steel that does not produce far-infrared at all. This is not far-infrared and very hot heat similar to that of a traditional rock-stove sauna.

Ceramic coil, ceramic cast heaters produce decent far-infrared. The ceramic coil is covered with a ceramic casing to soften up the radiant heat since their coils are solid and not sand-filled. This heater is decent in its work to isolated portions only. However, this design makes it unable to spread the far-infrared before reaching the body. Companies using these in their units fail to realize its lack of size to perform true therapy.

The winner for the Imitation Company tried to use similar technology with their older heaters pictured above. They produced those heaters in attempt to overshadow this one.

Incloy rod heaters are just regular heaters. It produces some infrared in the near and medium-infrared range, however, because they are steel rods, they cannot produce far-infrared. These companies are more "infrared sauna brands" rather than far-infrared brands. These heaters should not be used with hopes of far-infrared therapy; this is an adult incubator.

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