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Grade-A Clear Grain Western Cedar

EZe Products carefully hand picks the most beautiful patterns to be used for the far-infrared saunas from Grade-A Clear Grain Western Cedar. Your EZe far-infrared sauna will look bold and smell pleasant as long as you own it. Each EZe far-infrared sauna is hand-crafted with the greatest care and precision. Each EZe far-infrared sauna will have its own distinct pattern and shade of color.

Why Cedar?
Unlike other types of wood, cedar has the unique ability to kill bacteria and mold, keeping your sauna smelling fresh and virtually maintenance-free. The wood will never bend out of form, or lose its color.

The rich, inviting aroma of grade-A cedar will smell the same from the time you you first brought it into your home; so natural and pleasing to be surrounded by. Your sweat will evaporate cleanly throughout the sauna sessions.

Certain infrared companies have tried to create a marketing edge by claiming that cedar contains toxins bad for the body. In reality, cedar has been used over the centuries because of its ability to be anti-bacterial and naturally keep away pests and insects. False information is needed to make up for the lack of infrared therapy their products produce.

Micro-Carbon Fiber Far Infrared Emitter Hand-Craftsmanship to Perfection

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Call us, and we will be glad to assist you.
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