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Micro-Carbon Fiber Far Infrared Emitter
Hand-Craftsmanship to Perfection

Since 1983, our introduction of Far-Infrared Sauna Systems in the United States has made a potent impact on health conscious consumers. EZe Saunas have been developed to promote comfort and healing. Our Partner researchers and scientists in Japan have been working with EZe Products for over 20 years which resulted in the perfection of our radiant FAR-infrared heaters.

Company History

EZe Products is the original far-infrared sauna company in the United States. Germany was the first country, around 1940’s, to create a far-infrared emitting heater. A couple decades after that, Japan had adopted this technology for medical benefits. The two countries held on tightly and secretively to this technological breakthrough for the benefit of their own citizens.

Luckily in 1981, Japan believed this technology needed to be shared with the world; EZe Products became partners with them and took the role of manufacturing personal Far-Infrared saunas for consumers around the world.

The Company Today

EZe Products Brand Far-Infrared Saunas remain the industry leader. We offer the highest quality far-infrared products undisputedly in the world. Our exclusive and Internationally Patented Micro-Carbon Fiber Flat Panels are incomparable in its function-as the most effective far-infrared heat emitter globally. EZe Products is dedicated today with the same cause as our original intent. Before creating this industry, we believed there should be a product that would effectively and comfortably promote: Detoxification, Pain Relief, and Balance of Health. We offer EZe Products ‘Value’ with confidence as you will experience and understand what true FAR-infrared therapy is.

Need Assistance?

Call us, and we will be glad to assist you.
Toll Free: 918-622-5455

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